Thursday, July 2, 2009

A new perspective with wheels

This weekend, we leapt in and rented in a french car for the month.

Its kinda different looking at the community with access by car and driving those funny, but useful!, roundabouts!

Now our daily adventures bring us to different exciting places...

Papa has the day off so we decided to go climbing at a local crag.

Mama got a chance to hike up into the alpine.

Its a glorious day....

We've been here just over two weeks, wow time has zipped by.

Today we drove up to Les Bosson to check out some ice.

Hmm, I'm not too sure about this teleseige?

Its much like the ski but there is no snow and its pretty far down there.

I think I prefer the telecabine with walls...

These flowers remind me of Oma.

A wee break before we climb.

Hey and Papa's just over there, across the valley.

He's at work climbing Le Brevant today while we explore this ancient piece of ice.

On y va!

Almost there at Les Bossons Glacier.

Might be a good idea to stop here.

And paint this landscape before it changes again....

Its almost 10 am , its hot up here, no wonder these things are melting like crazy.

Time for us to head down and go to the airport to pick up grandpapa and bonus grandmama.

Until next time....

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