Friday, July 3, 2009

Mid-elevation Traverse

Check this out, here we are departing the tele"freak" station at Chamonix.

I am here with 20 other tourists excited to be zipped up to 2300m.

Its that crazy simple, we're here under ten minutes.

I think Grandpapa is impressed, there are some incredible views...

Me, I love watching the telecabines come down from the high point.

Hey, that's where Papa is!

Just right of the highest rock point.

My first job, to figure out where we are going.

Ok, first east, then south-east...onto to Montever and Mer de Glacer.

There we'll get to take a train back down.

Next, I'll show them how I walk carefully over and around all the rocks on the trail.

Its a good idea to take a break by this cairn.

In fact, it looks like we need to fix it and...

Perhaps even extend our break.

We need to build a fire here just like this.

I wanted to stop "again" here but mama suggested we keep going.

There are more fun things to explore.

Like bum sliding...

Flora gazing....

Stair ascending and descending, of which I think I've had my fair share.

Its time to leap onto mama's sturdy back.

Its good training for her.

When she gets a chance I think she's going to try climb one of these mountains.

Hey, we've come a long ways....

My tummy's starting to make noise and its way past my dodo time...

I know I'll have a nap here with my little fox.

Well at least a little rest until Mer de Glace...

Hey we're here. There's the tooth feature just above the glacier.

Just around the corner, the train is waiting for us.

Good thing too, its WAY past my nap, mama must of been distracted to let me stay up this late.

What an amazing day, I love this!

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