Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mama's randonee

These feet are lucky, getting to explore lots.

In a few hours I can discover a new trail, with 4 hours I can usually do a pretty big hike.

Today I'm wandering just above la betty, incredible views of Mt.Blance and Les Houches just below...

The rock under the trail reminds me of Yellowknife, exposing itself like a lazy bear.

Of course all the big wildlife are gone.

But lots of simple natural things to also discover.

A few days later, David drops me off in our trusty car for an afternoon walk.

Not sure what kind of weather today, the first hour is pretty white...

And stuning as I start to get above the cloud.

After an hour and half of ascending, I'm ready for a cafe and lunch at the refuge.

Fueled up, my hike continues to just past that bump.

The summit where some kids celebrate.

Now we're on the other side of that summit, looking back.

Usually you can find a trail following the top of ridges.

I'm learning it tends to look harder than it is.

Get a sense of the vertical, the town below is St.Gervais.

After five hours of hiking, I've looped back and ready to head home.

Feeling lazy I hitched a ride to town with a french couple in a motorhome.

Friday morning, I'm going to explore that rock area, it's full of limestone like the Rockies.

Until next mama walk...

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