Thursday, July 23, 2009

Last grandparents day in France

Today Odette has decided she wants to be a bird.

Papa and I take the lift up with her to Brevant.

She gets attached to all sorts of ropes and what looks like a big kite.

It's kinda white up here, but her guide looks pretty relaxed and she seems to be having fun.

It was incredible, she ran down the slope and then lifted off into the sky!

Mama and grandpapa are down in the valley where she's going to land.

We were all pretty happy she returned back to ground, especially Pierre.

A great last adventure together! I'm sure going to miss them.

Tomorrow we're going to drive "under" Mt. Blanche to Italy.

And here we are; we just took the longest tunnel over 10km!!

Now they are heading on their own adventures speaking Italian for 2 weeks.

Bon voyage! Nous vous aimons!

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