Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lazy days in the Valley with Grand Parents

We don't invest all our times in the mountains as there are many fun adventures in the valley with Pierre and Odette.

Each weekend I get the diggers all to myself as the workers go home.

Odette and I are digging around the raspberry plants, filling our bellies.

Here we are in downtown Les Houches by the tourist office, need to clean my hands after all that work.

Here's one of my favorite local places.

Today the woodguy is making planters, oma would love these.

The afternoon gets really hot so we'd headed to higher elevation in Argentiere.

Papa has five days off, fun!

I like being with the whole family, they are pretty silly and laugh alot together.

Look how much I've grown Opa!

I do so many things all by myself.

We're tying up to the rope again...this is fun right?

There's Grandpapa, he's getting pretty good at this.

Me, I found a dog who would do my stick I can throw over and over and over!

We're a good match.

We're heading to Sallanche this afteroon.

I'm counting my money for when we go shopping.

But first we hit the local beach.

Grandpapa has had his eye on this ferry...

Hey look Jade its my very own boat!

And I'm the "pilot"!

This is how we rest...

We're lucky we get to do 2 adventures daily, one before nap and one after.

Sometimes everyone takes a nap! I'm not surprised, they all have so much fun...

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