Saturday, July 18, 2009

Papa / Mama Playdate

This is how mama and papa are going to play today.

They left very early this morning while I was still sleeping...

Yipee a gift from Pierre & Odette.

We're taking a day in the high alps.

Two quick lifts and we're at the top of the world, now how do we get off this?

Good thing I'm with a guide

I haven't wore crampons for years!

Right away on a pretty thin snow ridge.

Yes, I was a "little" intimidated.

That wasn't too bad was it?

It was a great perspective for me to see what David is doing daily.

He's a great relaxed guide to be with.

Can't say we had too much privacy.

It's only 7:30 am and I could see almost 40 people out there.

Walking the glacier, climbing mt.blanc or heading up a rock route.

The first half hour of our route was a challenge with frozen feet and fingers

Then the sun came out and I warmed up to the idea of the incredible place I was in. 3 pitches up it started to feel somewhat normal.

Most of the pitches were pretty fun, just one really tough 10b move.

David's climbing in his boots, tricker but warm!

Definately a genuine smile now.

Felt a bit funny at this altitude, but pretty easy to follow David up once I remembered and trusted all the gear, ropes and myself!

Hanging out.

Topping out.

Now David setting the rope up to short rope me as we wander across the snow/ice/rock ridge.

Super cool ridge.

I feel like my body and spirit are remembering how we used to do this together pretty regularily.

Back on the glacier.

Just beyond you can see a hut people stay the night before heading up Mt.Blanc in the distance.

Pretty strong winds up there, check out the clouds.

We wander back along the glacier, under our rock route.

Ascend a bit to the tram and return back to town by 3pm.

A super special day for everyone. Me and David to play and Elias gifted time with Pierre and Odette.

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