Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tour by car

Today we're doing a tour to Annecy, around a little mountain island.

This parc in St. Gervais is pretty fun.

Fun, a carousel I bet Grand papa will join me on this.

Here's a view of the valley towards Geneva, we're going to head around the massif.

Its time for my nap and I'm going to try to sleep while mama negotiates these crazy corners.

A sweet church with its own style of time.

Its almost like Venice with all these canals.

Or a medevial town with castles.

Hey this is a great view but I wonder where the beach is?

I have an idea, let's make our own castle.

This is a great place to hang out, it reminds me of home in Nelson.

Check out the peaks around the lake, hey we could almost be in Banff.

We're heading back home to Les Houches after this. Mama decided to take the short and fast freeway less corners and a big valley full of cows, just like "Hendrika".

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