Friday, July 3, 2009

Pierre & Odette in Chamonix

What a special treat to have family come live with us for two weeks in Les Houches.

This morning we decided to wander into Chamonix together.

I think they like it!

I showed Grandpapa Pierre how to catch the train....

And Grandmama Odette the best place to have coffee and buy treats.

She especially like the chocolate chaud...

Renard, my new friend, he's a gift from them, he gets to dip into quiche too!

I helped Grandpapa Pierre try out this police car.

And I got dizzy on this climbing aparatus.

It was getting hot so we headed into cooler places.

We did some drawing in the tourist place.

And explored the old church with special stained glass windows.

Odettte and I squeezed in the back for a quick return home by car for my nap.

Papa drove in early this morning to go climbing some rock and ice for two days.

A little afternoon foosssball.

We're lucky to be able to use the downstairs this week, its cooler and we don't bonk our head at all!

And what I especially love is that I can run outside any time, to jump on the trampoline or play ball.

Here we are with our first meal together, its fun eating as a clan!

Bridge building before bed.

There's mama, she looks pretty content too; its fun to be around family.

Tomorrow, we take them into the alpine!

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