Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First summer peak

Today I woke up from an amazing all night sleep.

Mama is even more excited about that than my dodo.

She seems so much more refreshed when sleep through the night, maybe i'll try it again tonight...

After some playdough play we decided that we would summit a mountain.

After a civilized breakfast downtown, we geared up.

European style we boarded a different lift, one we get to ride on all by ourself.

I'm getting pretty good at this!

I think my cousins Jade, Cale, Tieghan and Katie would love this too, perhaps when we are teenagers, now that would be fun...

Hey, there's Papa!

Indeed there was, at least the trail that Papa made at 4am as he summited Mt.Blanc this morning.

Look carefully on the center white peak...

I recognize this one, it's just like the oxeye daisy that I eat at home.

One of mama's favorites in the alps, rhododenron.

Let's start hiking!

There's the Chamonix valley and the town of Les Houches where I live.

We're near where the river takes a big bend.

Rocks go pretty far from here...mama says trundling isn't such a good idea in europe, too many people.

Today's pretty quite, seems like June is the perfect hiking month.

A little rest spot...

See these, this is me don't eat it!

On Monday I decided to swallow some like the neighbors horse, it got stuck for nearly four hours, yuck and ouchy!

I'm up for hiking a bit more then I think i'll take a rest again.


Next rest is on mama that is, she can take us up to the summit.

And here we are, feels good for my 1st summit this summer and easy height for me.

Wow, there are amazing 360 degrees views of France and Italy.

Maybe we should go trekking into Italy?

Fun! I'm getting used to this lifestyle....

Back down for my a bike ride uphill and dodo.

A bientot....

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