Thursday, July 23, 2009

Home & Refuge

Now we're back on our own, just the 3 of us, upstairs in our cozy place.

Papa's out working and we're having fun cleaning the house.

Mama finally washed my hair after 5 weeks it smelled pretty bad.

I decided wolfie needed a bath too.

I was a bit nervous about it so I put ducky in too!

I'm watching the whole cycle they seem to be having fun spinning around and around....

The weather has changed dramatically, we're getting some big rain, snow and wind storms.

Papa's out working in the middle of it all, so we decided to venture outside too.

It's pretty warm with all these wool layers and its fun. We have lots of road construction so roll down.

By afternoon we were all dry and clean and ready for our family adventure.

We packed some food and clothes and picked up Papa who had also got a chance to dry out.

We drove up to a refuge, what I call a mountain lodge to stay overnight, play outside and eat simple french food.

Tomorrow mama's going to head off from here and go walking for two days.

It's pretty beautiful, she's going to have a great solo trip and I get papa all to myself.

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