Friday, July 24, 2009

Papa's Work

I'd been following Papa's trail for awhile, but anything over 2200m was too high.

I was pretty curious what he got up to so I aksed him to grab a few snapshots from his work days.

Sometimes they just hang out in thin air.

Enjoy pushing climbing skills on Brevent...

Rope and crampons on ice and snow....

Usually before a big peak they climb on rock first and take time to acclimitize.

Here he's helping someone with this super long ridge above Zermatt.

Five hours up and they are on top of the world, Matterhorn.

Now how to get down from there?

I know wherever he is he's doing a great job and I'm pretty happy he's home most nights.

Pretty soon, I'm going to head up there with him, for now I enjoy climbing wee rocks and boulders together.

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