Sunday, June 21, 2009

A typical day...

Elias's day begins as the birds start to sing, which they do well!

We live near the forest so have lots of wonderful sounds. He sleeps in his own little bed with trusted wolfie and duckie

Since Chamonix is within 20 minutes, Papa has time to be with us before his day in the mountains.

The boys both enjoy looking good so they start with a shave...

They pack the climbing gear into a sac a do (back?) I'm working on my french!

And papa heads off up somewhere and we hang out either in the valley or take a high alpine walk.

To work then...

Today we're starting with drying of laundry.

In Elias case he's a boat driver heading to Vancouver.

Then, we need to decide what to wear for the day and get out of our pj's.

Elias tries out different things.

Before our final choice, we head out on the deck for a weather check.

Hmm, today is going to be a bit different, raingear is in order...

Elias is enjoying his stroller so much more than at home.

I'm the one getting FIT as there are plenty of hills and places to either walk or bike ride to.

We usually enjoy taking either the bus or train or both! Elias loves the movement and thrill of being whisked up and down the valley.

Today we're meeting some new friends at a mom's group in Chamonix.

One friend we met two years ago, Bekah turns out to live just 2 minutes from us!

After a nice long dodo (nap) well mom actually keeps waking me up...I'm sure I could sleep much more than 2 hours!

I'm glad she got me up though.

We hooked my trusty stroller up to mom's bike and rode to the playground.

We decided to have supper with Papa in Chamonix.

Last time I was here I didn't get to enjoy the frites so much, now I even get to dip in sweet sauces!

Papa and I rode the bus home so mama could enjoy some exercise on her mtn bike.

We like to end our day with some exercises on these mats, making sure our backs stay strong for our adventures here this summer.

Bon nuit!

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