Monday, June 15, 2009

Travels to France

We ordered a van taxi to take us to vancouver airport, jumped into the aircraft with loads of luggage and realization we were off to the alps!

Elias enjoyed his night flight, investing most of it "knocked out" literally and sleeping most of the way.

We in Amsterdam and en route to Geneva we gazed at the playground which was to be our home....

Another taxi into the Chamonix valley, we were dropped off into the little mountain town of Les Houches.

Our house is located on the slopes just above the river, views of Chamonix and the steep mountains and glaciers.

We're a few minutes from town for shopping and a short bus ride up the valley to trails, parks and the incredible alpine.

Our hosts, Steve & Deb, have been fantastic helping us get groceries and setting up internet so we can be in touch with friends and family...

I was happy to meet our super sweet and cozy home that David had found for us a month ago.

It has its very funky pieces, being on the top floor leads to incredible views and lots of head bonking on the wooden beams.

After a couple days of moving furniture, we've settled into it...

Elias has adapted to changes to a box bath and hearing the hourly bell from churches...

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