Wednesday, June 17, 2009

trekking towards Mt.Blance

David enjoyed two days of guiding locally and coming home each night.

The weather is changing so his group headed up toward mount blanc this morning via a teleferique (cable car), then the a train and a hefty walk/scramble up to a high alpine hut.

Elias wanted to follow his footsteps, so we trekked on but got distracted by an exciting...

Crane of course!

Once back on route we hopped on the cable car and ascended to top of Bellvue.

Elias must of remembered his journey in these two years ago when he was an 8 month old baby as today he was incredibly comfortable, intrigued and interested in more...

Let's follow Papa's trail!

We descended to a very small mountain train station where some other climbers where waiting, the very train Papa must of taken.

While we were enjoying the cushy comforts of wandering the alpine, in the background climbers were making their long ascent.

By late afternon they would have reached the topof the left mountain feature (the cut off one) to prepare to awake early and be climbing by 4am for the summit.

Mama et garcon are enjoying some pretty special time together.

Relaxed, no agenda, in nature, of course always with lots of good food.

"I can't see Papa...where is he?"

Let's consult the map... mais oui!

Il est la!

We descended the fast route to the valley for our nap, another amazing morning!

By afternoon we were into other adventures...

Planting beans in the back yard with neighbors

Biking for pizza (yippee I have my old bike back, wheels that give us access to so much) and watching skateboarders

Late night excursion to a play park

And a final phone call with Papa, he in the Refuge hut, and us in our cozy home...

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