Wednesday, June 24, 2009

biking adventures about the valley

Here we are at our home; morning is good time to head off exploring as mom has lots of energy to pull me about.

First stop is dropping off our recyling down on the small street of Les Houches.

No shortage of diggers, cranes or lifters for me to watch.

I love it!

This one is moving the recycling from all the bins and bringing it down the valley to get processed.

Next stop is a French bank, mama is trying to use her francais to get papa a bank account.

That way we can get paid and have some euros for all our gourmet meals and our home...

Now we're going to head out of town to find a good place to pick strawberries.

The heat and sun have returned so I've decided to put on sunscreen "myself"...

We've found an huge stash of strawberries!

Loads & loads that we can fill our bellies just off our bike path.

When mama is fit, she can pull me all the way to Chamonix on this up and down trail...

There's Les Houches just across the valley.

We live just below the left drainage, about 5 minutes from a mountain river, fun for rock throwing and cool shady place in the afternoon.

Soon we'll head back for our mid-day nap, mama's pretty happy I'm still taking these!

I'm pretty lucky, where we live there is a swingset...

And a trampoline!!!!

Crazy bouncing I can do.

Mama was worried, I'd get hurt but I'm pretty good at....look "watch me"...

That's Steve our neighbor. He's pretty fun to chat with, which I do quite alot...

Speaking of which, time to do ours so we're ready for tomorrow's next adventure...

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