Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Many Modes of Transport

Well, after a day and half, we're mostly adjusted to the new time zone and we're off on adventures.

David has started mtn guiding so mama & I have heaps of time to explore.

I'm ready with my water, back pack and climbing shoes...

Here we are at Les Houches train station.

Mama is great at pushing me up and down these hills, so far we walk, train...

This is grand!

We just passed under a dark tunnel, within 20 minutes we arrive at the big town of Chamonix.

This train station is definately bigger and the city has all sorts of exciting places to explore...

In Chamonix we find a play area perfect for my size.

I'm sailing now across to Aunties....

I love churches, the bells especially.

We decided to walk inside this one and discover the songs.

I learned that oma & opa used to hang out in places like this...

We play chess and enjoy lunch.

I'm out of water so we find the historic watering hole....

It's time for my dodo (nap) so we head back to our cozy bed in Les Houches.

This time we decide to take a bus.

Mama disassembles the stroller and we jump in to a short 10 minute ride home to complete our circuit.

We've discovered amazing patches of strawberries.

A little feast before my sleep...

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