Saturday, August 8, 2009

Climbing things

There's Papa on top of Mt.Blanc, he just called us from the summit.

We'll get to see him soon after a very very long descent.

And me, I'm climbing too...

Now I can do the stairs with "no hands".

That's my friend Leo and his mom Kim, sometimes the four of us take french class together.

We're building roads together...

And after this we're going to make a raft to float our trucks on.

Papa and I just climbed a heap of elevation, by train...

We decided to go to the top, this is where Papa starts his hike when he climbs Mt.Blanc.

My fox likes heights too.

Down is almost more fun than up!

Mama and I found an aventure park.

Papa and I are climbing up to check it out.

I wonder why its called a "zipline"?

Hmm, this should be interesting...

Papa's clipping my harness to his pulley; mama's waiting down there for me.

Yippee, this IS fun!

My cousins would love it.

This is a different way to climb a ladder, its in the sky.

I'm doing a good job.

It take alot of concentration!

We should build one of these at home.

Then we could have my friends over to play!

On our way home, we ran "literally" into some sheep who were trying to climb up to higher feeding grounds.

The road was their shortcut across town.

Sometimes Papa and I climb things indooors.

In Les Houches there is an amazing climbing gym.

Here's my favorite letter combination.

Check it out...


Sometimes I go UP and DOWN at the same time.

Here's my new friend Luke, he's four. He just moved in downstairs.

This is our trampolin ball game.

I also like to move around too, in circles.

This is the carousel in St.Gervais.

We're actually meant to be shopping, but this is too much fun!

Later we head into town to pick up Papa, after his week of work.

He's teaching more people how to "climb things" too!

Seems like everyone is doing it, getting vertical...

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