Monday, August 24, 2009

A day of playmates

This is Daniel, you may have met him before.

We're neighbors and sometimes hang out.

He just got a baby sister, I just got to see her, she's little and soft.

Here's Julian, he's French, we met him at the beach.

He liked hanging out with Grammy and my trucks.

We're building tunnels together, just like the long one we took to Italy.

This is Lac de Passy, it has great views of Mt.Blanc, Papa's up there right now.

After dodo I took granny to my other favorite beach spot its in a cool forest.

We found another french boy there, the same age, he shared "his" trucks with me.

We built some houses with wood.

Then used wood for making boats in the water and bridges to walk over.

A fun day!

And now we get to hang out with papa too.

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