Monday, August 24, 2009

Day on Rock

David and I were gifted some time to go explore together in the alpine.

We took a couple lifts up, unsure what to can just see the rock ridge in the distance that we climbed.

This is the top of Argentiere lift, super!

The last time I was here was 4 years ago when we skied the haute route, our lives quite different then.

We started our day as a descent on the glacier and some tricky walking on ice and rock.

For me it was nice to try out my crampons again and be up high.

Chamonix and Les Houches with Grammy & Elias are just below us.

David has been working most of the summer with not much off time. So many routes that are calling him.

Its been super busy with tourists in the valley so we picked a route we didn't expect to see anyone.

The flowers, terrain and quite made us think of home.

And the beginning of the climb was a wild garden too!

The route was stellar for the first four pitches then really challenged me as it was super exposed, I named that part "descent into hell".

I may be with a guide but that doesn't take away the intimidation factor sometimes.

It finished with a fun ridge and scramble.

A long return walk to descend back to the ski hill.

Fun to be on rock, it puts life right in the present.

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  1. Какие шикарные горы! Удивительное путешествие!