Saturday, August 15, 2009

Adventures in Holland

Mama and I are going to see our reli's in Holland!

We're about to jump on a plane to Amsterdam, I love flying!

At the airport, we were helped by many friendly folks.

Now we're taking a train, it starts underground, just like a cave.

Soon I get to see Meinte again, he's going to pick us up.

Here is our main mode of transportation in Holland while we are here for the week.

This is Cara's special bike with a front seat for babies and back seat for big boys like me.

One day, we ran into a bit of rainstorm but that didn't stop us as we all had special water protection for biking.

I found a great play park on our ride.

Holland has lots of amazing places for kids to discover.

Just by their house we found some deer who needed feeding...

Some goats who needed cuddling...

And bunnies who wanted to be held...

The next day we discovered a farm where the milk comes from.

And tasted some yummy cheese.

In fact, we do alot of that...fine eating indeed!

Meinte is a great cook and we are getting spoiled by them both.

Cara has shared all of her grandson's toys and I'm testing them all out.

Tonight we have a special dinner with Japser and Anke.

They think I'm big now compared to last summer in Canada. They seem to be about the same size...and happy about getting married next year!

We also got to visit some of Opa's side of the family.

Jet and Jan live just 45 minutes away by car.

She gifted me a neat Russian doll and mama and Meinte ate yummy chocolate treats.

Mama loved seeing all the old photo's of Opa and his family.

The next day I got to see my cousins on Oma's side.

That's Sanna, she has Blooma who is my age and Silka a bit younger.

Three generations..Cara's daughter Kirsa and her little guy Koen.

He's the youngest of our group but a fantastic walker!

We met in this amazing place for kids.

This zoo had real animals like giraffees, lions, tigers and gorillas!

We walked about all day stopping to play on playgrounds along the way...

To share some dutch fries with my cous'...

To learn how to drive cars....

When we got home, we had another very special treat! A fun supper with Jan and Ingrid who drove all the way over to visit us.

Ingrid dressed me up in a new styling shirt. Jan wanted to learn how to play ball, so I taught him. We laughed alot, just like Oma does!!

Holland may be small but it is really beautiful and fun for me.

I'm loving meeting and knowing more of my relatives.

We're going to miss them and so grateful to invest time together.

Meinte and I decided to light a candle for everyone, for health and love...

Mama says next time we come we'll stay longer.

And come with Auntie 1 & 2 and our Canadians cousins, perhaps even bring oma and opa!

Now, that would be great adventure, we could do a bike tour all together!

At the train station we say goodbye and send a huge thank you and love to the family.

Now we take some trains, a plane and our little car back to Papa in France for our last two weeks of living in Europe.

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