Monday, August 24, 2009

Grammy's Visit

After a round of visiting relatives in Holland, I had a nice surprise when we returned to France.

Grammy Denise had arrived from Quebec!

I decided to take her and papa up to Le Prairon, a new summit for them.

She loved the telecabine and the views of the valley, Mt.Blanc and our home in Les Houches below.

Since June I have definately grown alot, my little legs are carrying me farther.

I let Papa put me on his shoulders, good training for him and good views for me!

We had the week off so we had lots of opportunities to share special suppers, to go for walks and go on mountain adventures together with Grammy.

One day, we all drove to Italy, it was long but I got a great nap!

When I woke up we were in the middle of massive rock valley.

Yippee, we're going hiking just like the marmots do.

Papa helped me cross a big snow patch.

And grammy did a great job climbing up all that elevation.

We were staying in this mountain hut for two nights.

It was pretty luxuriuos, we got supper....

We had our own cozy room for sleeping....

And there was a heap of things for me discover.

Watching the telebox carry groceries in the sky all the way up to the lodge.

Going for walks near the refuge, looking for cows and jumping over their poo..

I even got to have grammy to myself at the refuge when Mama and Papa went for a morning climb.

There they are on the long approach.

The mountain they hoped to climb is the tall one in the distance.

Mama said there was so much rock.

That sounds like the perfect place for Papa.

The first half of their route was scrambing. Luckily Papa could short rope Mama or it would have been tricky.

You can see the real climbing part just below that block.

Looks fun, I can climb too.

Next time we come I'll join them.

Part way up a belay station and aesthetic window.

They had fun skiing down.

By mid-day storm clouds made the area mystical.

A super fun trip for all us and now we get to go down.

Wolfie came with us but I can tell he's missing duckie and gros gros so I'm excited to head home.

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